Accipiters - Cooper's Hawk, Goshawk & Sharp-Shinned Hawks

These are some of the accipiters that frequent my backyard and local neighborhood. Some peopleconsider them pests and early in the 20th century they were slaughtered by the thousands. Any bird that was considered a pest was often called a "Chicken Hawk," which also included Red-Tailed Hawks and Falcons.

Today we know more about these fast flying agile raptors. Consider yourself lucky should you see one hunting. Unfortunately, they don't always know the rules as is evident by the Sharpie that hit our picture window. Despite decals and hanging barriers, their instinct for food causes them to crash into things.

This sharpie was stunned and back in the wild within an hour. If you do come across an injured raptor contact your local wildlife rescue agency. Handling injured raptors without proper training can result in serious injury.


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