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Dos Gatos is your one-stop site for information on astronomy, astrophotography, birds and birding, travel and wildlife illustration, travel and wildlife photography. In addition, you'll find notecards and other art products in the Gallery. They make great gifts for all occasions.


A look at techniques for taking deep-sky, solar, lunar, planetary and other sky-related photos.

Information for the Nov.8th Mercury Transit

Plus information on equipment and techniques.

Birds & Birding

An extensive site for birders and wildlife photographers. There is information for wildlife rescue plus information on habitat and natural history of various species including pest control.

Natural History Illustration

Samples of various scientific and natural history illustration styles. If you are in need of illustrations for a journal or paper check out these samples. Works range from pen & ink to watercolor and acrylic.

Gallery & Products

Check out my various notecard sets and photographs. Wildlife, travel, and nature. Most have been published in major magazines.

Free shipping on select products until December 15, 2006

Stock Photography

Here's a place to see what images Dos Gatos has in its archives. Usage fees are resonable for print and electronic use.

The Art of Travel

Everyone loves to travel. Problem is sometimes it can be difficult. Here are tips for planning unusual trips, travel photography tips for digital cameras and travel art and sketching. The Art of Travel means both to draw and paint and travel wisely.

The Art of Travel blog - for artists and photographers, check it out.

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